The Process

First Visit - Exam & Adjustment

We will perform a video exam of your posture, gait, and of your ability to squat. This helps Dr. North understand why your hip moves abnormally or why your knee shifts inwardly as you squat, why your foot points out as you walk, or why your shoulder is higher on one side, etc. We will also perform orthopedic tests and assess your spine. Another important part of this exam is assessing the soft tissues to understand your postural patterns. This detailed exam allows Dr. North to create customized plan consisting of adjustments, soft tissue work, stretches, and exercises for your care moving forward. You will also be adjusted on this visit.

Second Visit - The Plan

After reviewing all of your exam & video results, Dr. North will customize a plan for your unique needs. He will go over your video results, exam results, and this plan with you during your second visit.

How to Dress

On your first visit we request that you wear pants or shorts. No dresses or skirts please. Since we are assessing your gait, posture, and squatting ability, this cannot be analyzed accurately in loose fitting clothes.