Need a massage in springville?

Brian Burtenshaw, LMT

Brian's Structural Integration massage techniques blend extremely well with the type of chiropractic care offered at North Chiropractic Center.

The following was written by Brian:

Postura is the company that performs the massage therapy services for North Chiropractic Center. Our goal is to help you achieve yours. You need to move well and without pain. You have things to do and people to do them with. We will get to the root causes of your pain, release the built up stress and tension, and then retrain your posture and movement that created the stress. Brian Burtenshaw, LMT has been helping bodies move better for over 10 years. With a background in sports and dance, he has a unique view into the needs of the body and how your posture and movement habits create a large portion of the pain you have. Working in industrial and office settings, NCAA athletics, high school dance, and general practice, has helped Brian create a system based on the principles of Structural Integration and several other fascia and movement based modalities. This system allows for better results in less time, and accommodates working fully clothed.